Legal Suites since 1996...

Legal Suites® began in 1996 and has had a web presence ever since. It has put years of regulatory consulting experience into products and services to help industry help themselves. The company provides specialized regulatory information and knowledge resources to the industry and regulatory professionals. Legal Suites® provides continuing education programs and workshops on regulations and compliance. Making it easier to find and understand regulations is the objective.

Food Suite®...

Food Suite® is Legal Suites® most active regulatory domain. The focus here is on food regulations. Currently, regulatory support for the US and Canada is provided. Food Suite® offers several resources on US and Canadian food labelling. In addition, the workshop programs on food labelling are popular and well attended. Services include:

  • Regulatory updates to keep abreast of and pace with changes.

  • Continuing education workshops on food labelling and related topics.

  • Consolidated regulatory information and guidance documents.

  • Compliance website with products and programs.