Bulcan Foodbev Consultants (A Division of Legal Suites Inc.)

Hands on food compliance consulting, (Canada & US), and language services are provided by Bulcan Foodbev Consultants (BFB Consultants). Some clients need a bit more help from time to time to manage their regulatory affairs. This is where BFB Consultants can provide additional needed help.

While BFB Consultants has a separate work function to Legal Suites Inc., there are familiar faces there as the founders of BFB Consultants also started Legal Suites Inc. in 1996. BFB has been consulting since 1990.

Label review services...

  • Canadian Food Labelling: Includes all foods and beverages, (e.g. retail, food for further manufacture, foodservice, infant formula, alcoholic beverages, foods for special dietary use, formulated liquid diets, etc.)

  • US Food Labeling: Includes all foods under the authority of FDA and USDA. Foods excluded are alcoholic beverages, medical foods and infant formula.

Other Regulatory Services...
  • CANADA: A host of other compliance services is provided, including assistance with food additive submissions, novel food notices, temporary marketing authorization under the Food and Drug Regulations and Safe Food for Canadians Regulations.

Translations Services...
  • FRENCH for CANADA: French translations are essential when dealing with the labelling of products for sale in Canada. There are very few exemptions from official bilingual requirements under Federal law. The Province of Québec requires that French be given equal prominence to any other language. The rules for nomenclature in English and a well as French requires specialized expertise.

  • SPANISH for USA: English is the official language in the US. While Spanish is not required on US labels, it is essential in certain areas in the US, such as in the southern states, in order to successfully market products. It is also a requirement under FDA law that where a food label includes any language, other than English, that all mandatory information must also be stated on the label in that language.