Getting it Right With... New Supplemented Foods Regulations

Getting it Right With... New Supplemented  Foods Regulations

Webinar Date to be announced!

Program Overview:
Part 1. Knowledge Exchange. 
We will delve into the following topics:
1. Labelling, labelling, labelling
2. Food and Drug Regulations NEW Division 29 “Supplemented Foods”
3. Claims requirements

4. Supplement Food Facts
5. Health Canada’s List of Permitted Supplemental Ingredients
6. Health Canada’s List of Permitted Supplemented Food Categories
7. Health Canada’s Directory of Supplemented Food Facts Table Formats
8. Health Canada’s Directory of Food Caution Identifier Specifications
9. List of Foods That Have Received Temporary Marketing Authorization
(TMA) Letters
10. Threshold Levels for Cautionary Statements and Other Conditions of Use
11. TMA’s? Are they dead or alive? Special transitional provisions.

Part 2. Live Practicum
The second part of this series, the live Practicum, is a training session that guides
attendees on answering the worksheet questions provided with the course. It also
explores the content covered in the Knowledge Exchange Webinar Recording in
view of actual label examples and instruction. 
1. Between the knowledge exchange and practicum sessions, attendees will
complete on their own time and pace, the worksheet handout. This will be
reviewed in the practicum session.
2. The practicum is deigned to encourage critical thinking while applying the
new know knowledge. Let’s see where the knowledge obstacles are and how
they can be overcome.
3. During the live practicum session, attendees can ask questions, prose
alternative solutions and even challenge conventional thinking. Its about
building pathways to success.
4. The live practicum is not recorded. However, asynchronous recordings will be
provided as support so attendees can review the content as needed and at
their pace. Review the support package of your program.
5. The new supplemented food rules open a whole new world of possibilities in
adding vitamins, minerals, amino acids, caffeine and other possible other
botanicals to foods which are currently provided unless temporary marketing
authorization are granted by Health Canada. In the practicum we will review
what can and cannot be added, limitations and affects on labelling.
6. The new rules are established in a whole new Division the FDR. Along with
this are many documents that are incorporated by reference. By the end of
the practicum you will be familiar with these.

7. The practicum will expose new requirements like the display of food caution
identifiers and cautionary statements when applicable, supplemented food
facts, highlighting supplemented ingredients, managing nutrient content and
health claims for supplemented food.

Who Should Attend:
- Food and Beverage Manufacturers
- Food Supplement Manufacturers
- Food Labelling and Advertising Specialists
- Food Scientists
- Food Technologist/Technical Specialists
- Food Regulatory Specialists
- Product Development Personnel
- Research & Development Personnel
- Ingredient Suppliers
- Owners/Operators of Food Business


Price includes access to the Knowledge Exchange Recording , Aysnchrounous Pracitcum Recording as well as the access to all the support materials that are used during the live session. All Subsriptions are for 1 YEAR.

Duration: 1 year

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WELCOME: This asynchronous training is provided by Legal Suites Inc. is a convenient means for subscribers learn at their own pace. The training is built on the foundation of a knowledge exchange component that helps prepare attendees to completing the practicum component. The practicums are worksheet exercises designed to challenge learners and as a means for attendees to self evaluate whether they have understood the training subject. The practicum exercises should be completed before reviewing the answers provided. Each practicum is also reviewed and available as a recoded video. Learners may also complete a quiz should they wish receive a certificate for this training program.

GETTING STARTED: Follow these steps to success.

1. Review the pre-recorded webinar video.
Hint: Make a copy of the PowerPoint hand outs and follow along as you would in any other program. Pause and rewind as needed.
2. Print the practicum handout and complete as best as you can.
3. Print the practicum answer sheet and review your answers.
4. Review the recorded practicum videos as they explain additional context.
5. Successfully complete the quiz and receive your certificate.
Hint: The quiz questions are based on the content of the training. You will find the answers there.

QUESTIONS: If you have difficulty or have questions about the content of the training, contact us at...


SUPPORT TERMS & CONDITIONS: The following are additional resources made available to attendees of the Food Suite® workshops. The information is copyright of Legal Suites Inc. The information may be used solely by attendees as support information to the workshops. The information may not be reproduced or distributed by any means. One copy may printed by attendees for their personal use.

We make no warranties as to the accuracy of the information. The information is provided for the convenience of attendees and was designed for discussion and training purposes. The the answers provided may represent one of several possible perspectives or outcomes depending of the exact nature of the scenario and questions.

The information may be downloaded by attendees of Food Suite® Workshops if the above terms and conditions are agreed too and understood.