This workshop will cover in detail the new food labelling rules related to nutrition, ingredient, allergen and precautionary allergen labelling. The program is designed to bridge the experience and knowledge of attendees with Canadian food labelling requirements to the new rules. These new rules are far more demanding technically. This program covers those in detail.
At the end of the day attendees will be more far more aware of the scope of change and what is involved. We will also take a peek at other up-in-coming food labelling modernization to the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations as well as front-of-package nutrition labelling.
This workshop will provide an overview of basic US human food labeling requirements under the authority of U.S. FDA. Basic labeling includes common name, net content, ingredient list, allergen information, country of origin, dealer name and address statements and nutrition facts. This will set up the discussion for the afternoon session which will take a far detailed look at the new nutrition fact labeling requirements. While the focus is on FDA regulated food, we will contrast certain label features with those of under USDA, (Food Safety and Inspection Service - FSIS). FSIS is also in the process of modernizing nutrition labelling. We will look at this as well.
At the end of the day attendees will be more e a better ideal of US food labeling requirements and in particular the new nutrition labeling rules.
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Aperçu de l'étiquetage des aliments au Canada. Un atelier sur les règlements canadiens en matière d'étiquetage des aliments et les points de conformité, sous l'autorité de l'ACIA, (fédéral). La discussion porte autour des nouvelles propositions de modernisation de l'étiquetage des aliments et le Règlement sur la salubrité des aliments au Canada, qui sera bientôt proposé. L'accent est mis sur l'étiquetage des aliments préemballés pour la vente aux consommateurs.
Un aperçu des exigences en matière d'étiquetage des aliments destinés à la consommation humaine sous l'autorité de la FDA américaine. Les discussions incluent certaines différences entre l'étiquetage des aliments de la FDA américaine et l'étiquetage des aliments au Canada
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Note: Cette Formation Sera en Anglais
Moncton, New Brunswick
Date: 5 Nov 2018 - 6 Nov 2018


Halifax, Nova Scotia
Date: 8 Nov 2018 -9 Nov 2018


St. John's, Newfoundland
Date: 20 Nov 2018 - 21 Nov 2018