The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) had closed up its 3rd phase of food labelling modernization (FLM) at the end of February 2017.  Since then they have been reviewing the industry and stakeholder's feedback.  CFIA's "What We Heard Report Food Labelling Modernization Initiative Phase III Engagement on Key Proposals to Modernize the Food Labelling System" provides some details on this particular phase of consultation as it looked at modernizing regulations surrounding:
  • Date marking 
  • Legibility and placement of information
  • Food company information
  •  Origin of imported food
  • Improving information on key ingredients emphasized through claims or pictures
  • Improvements to the list of ingredients - class names
  • Food compositional standards
  • Modified standardized common names
  • Streamlining and removing unnecessary regulations
  • Standard container sizes
  • Test market authorizations
CFIA's document also delves into the subject matter of a "new approach for truthful and not misleading labelling" as well as other considerations like dates/transitions for compliance to final regulations.  

It looks like CFIA's next giant step is going to be to implement the FLM proposals.  Therefore, expect to see Canada Gazette Part I proposals in the near future.
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