Legal Suites Inc., is pleased to announce that we have added two more dates to our popular live webinar focused on the New Canadian Nutrition and Ingredient Labelling Regulations.   


  • In this live session, participants gain a better understanding of the more strigent serving size rules and how they affect your nutrition labelling and nutritient content claims.
  • Participants learn about the "Sugars-based ingredient" ingredient labelling rules and how they will impact your ingredient list labelling.
  • The ammendments related related to nutrition ingredient and allergen labelling, serving sizes and reference amounts, daily values, sugar and colour labelling and health claims will be highlighted.
  • Learn about the impact of the regulations on ingredient lists and nutrition facts formats. You'll learn about the new manner in which colours and sugars must be labelled in a list of ingredients.  Learn how allergen and precautionary labelling will be affected.  You'll also learn about the introduction of new health claim related to fruits and vegetables and the influence of risk reduction of heart disease.
  • Learn about the significant ammendments to the Food and Drug Regulations and how they are expected to impact the entire food industry. Learn how to plan for the changes so that your transition can be as smooth as possible.


Ask questions during this jam-packed  session. Gary Gnirss will encourage you to think through the regulatory fog so that you can effectively apply your newly gained knowledge to your specific scenarios.  


As a bonus Gary will discuss Health Canada's recent consultations regarding front of package labelling, as well as Canada's food guide.  He'll also take you futher into food labelling modernization happening now and between 2021.


To learn more about this webinar and to register for the

February 20th or April 3rd webinar, simply click here!

*Individual and group prices are available! Single particpant price starts at $350 and includes support materials and a recording of the live webinar for reference.


NEW Canadian Labelling Regulations Webinars from Peri Bulcan on Vimeo.

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