Regulatory Food Expert and President of Legal Suites Inc., Gary Gnirss, has been a long time conributor (since 1997) to the popular Canadian Food Industry Publication, Food In Canada.


Gary shares his opinions and thoughts on food industry news, trends, regulations and everything in between in this almost monthly publication (digital and print). We have archived his articles beginning in 2019 here for you to access. If you would like to access articles prior to this date, please visit the Food In Canada website, where you can find the digital publications free.


Food In Canada June 2021 A Case of Uniform Compliance
May 2021 The Danger of Warning Labels

Screen Shot 2021 04 07 at 12.09.01 PM Food labelling — Where do we go from here?

FoodInCanada March2021

IbR Incorporation by reference 2.0...

Food In Canada Feb 2021

Just Vanilla Please...

Food in Canada Nov 2020 Sugars-based ingredient rules bittersweet...

Food in Canada October 2020 Supplement my food...

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Food in Canada July 2020 A refresher on the new allergen labelling rules...

Food In Canada June 2020 COVID-19’s curveball to food labelling...
Food In Canada May2020

Effects of COVID-19 on food compliance...

Food in Canada April2020

Call me Canadian


 Food in Canada March 2020

Pushing Protein

 Food in Canada Feb 2020

Weighing the Options

 Food in Canada Dec 2019

The imitation game

Food in Canada Oct 2019 

The dating game

Date Published: October 2019

Page 28


 Food in Canada Sept 2019

Time and time again

 Food in Canada Aug 2019

Bioengineered food disclosure statements - When it comes to food labelling there's always potential for drama


 Food in Canada June 2019

Agricultural administrative monetary penalties

Food in Canada May 2019

Healthy on my mind

 FoodInCanada April 2019 Where's the Meat

FoodInCanada March 2019 Canada Dry By Design...

FoodInCanada February 2019 Canada's New Food Guide...