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Upcoming Workshops

These workshops are sponsored by NSF Canada and presented by Gary Gnirss of Legal Suites Inc.



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Advanced Canadian Ingredient Labelling

►April 28, 2020
►September 14, 2020

(Guelph, ON)

MORE INFO @ NSF International

Advanced Canadian Nutrition Labelling

►Aoril 29, 2020
►September 15, 2020

(Guelph, ON)
MORE INFO @ NSF International

Canadian Food Labelling Workshop

►February 7, 2020
►June 15, 2020

(Guelph, ON)
MORE INFO @ NSF International

Canadian Food Regulations

March 24, 2020
►October 5, 2020

(Guelph, ON)

MORE INFO @ NSF International

Canadian Ingredient Labelling

►March 26, 2020
►June 16, 2020
October 7, 2020
November 12, 2020

(Guelph, ON and Vancouver BC)
MORE INFO @ NSF International

Canadian Nutrition Labelling

►March 27, 2020
►June 17, 2020
►October 8, 2020
►November 13, 2020
►November 27, 2020 

(Guelph, ON and Vancouver, BC)
MORE INFO @ NSF International

Canadian Regulatory Short Course

►March 24, 2020
►October 5 2020

(Guelph, ON)
MORE INFO @ NSF International

Food Labelling Short Course

►June 15 - 18, 2020

(Guelph, ON)
MORE INFO @ NSF International

US Food Labelling Under the FDA

►June 18, 2020
►November 23, 2020

(Guelph, ON)
MORE INFO @ NSF international

Understanding Canadian Food Regulations

►November 11, 2020

(Guelph, ON)
MORE INFO @ NSF International


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FOPs: In-your-face nutrition symbols

April 6, 2018 by Gary GnirssFoods high in saturated fat, sugars and sodium will feature nutrition symbols on the front of package

Prescribing food labelling rules

February 22, 2018 by Gary GnirssOur discussion on food labelling modernization often uses the terms “prescriptive” and “prescribed” to describe the evolution in how regulations govern food.

The new label blues - Get ready for more food labelling changes

December 7, 2017 by Gary GnirssCanada is at the beginning of implementing food labelling modernization, yet more is already on the horizon.



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